Who we are

At Apium Innovations, we enable transformation through digitalization while preserving the special notions which make each business unique. Apium Innovations is an end-to-end digital solutions provider specialized in enterprise software systems. Our success led us to spread our wings across 3 continents since our inception in 2019. We feel fortunate to serve customers in over 12 countries in a short span of time, enabling process efficiencies across borders and cultures. Our secret is that we take pride in adding value to our customers’ businesses. Advanced analytics solutions, scalable e-commerce platforms and industrial automation are our specialty. Our product range includes award winning products like GoMart, our grocery delivery platform and AdSpark, one of our trending game advertisement platforms.

We Provide Flexible IT Services

We started our journey by providing innovative futurist solutions for businesses. Over the years we have catered a number of domains and have the expertise to tackle any customer requirement. We have our own set of products nevertheless we also support companies who would provide us with projects which they find challenging.


We provide services to external companies who would need an extra hand at transforming their whole business to be futuristic.