Websites and Web apps

Are you looking to develop your commercial website and web apps to attract more clients? We at APIUM provide you with the best support in this regard.

  • E-commerce and Corporate websites and web apps development
  • Latest technologies including Angular, NodeJs, Java, PHP, Python, and MariaDB
  • Integrated platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify
  • Clientele including Ritz Carlton
UI and UX Design Services

A good design can create wonders in any e-commerce platform. APIUM helps you exactly with this winning design. Our UI and UX design team helps you throughout the process in creating an engaging product. We guarantee a UI service which builds interface interaction customers fall in love with, and UX services that market your product via an amazing customer experience. APIUM UI and UX Design team offers;

  • Attractive Web designs and Mobile designs
  • UI testing and UX consulting
  • Visual design and user-friendly interaction
  • Latest UI/UX design tools such as InVision Studio
  • Client-focused product promotion with a full range of user experience
  • A clear design process that meets deadlines and spot-on end results
Salesforce Implementation

Are higher win rates, and more leads your sales dream? APIUM ensures you realize this dream, and much more. We have done sales-force implementations to clients like the American Institute of Architects and can ensure you the best results. APIUM provides you with;

  • Proper solution implementation with step-by-step sequential stages
  • Risk analysis tools
  • Budget and time management support
  • Streamlined business processes where data transference is enabled from other systems
  • Ensured user adoption
Digital Marketing

Do you want to power your marketing means with the latest Digital solutions? Head over to APIUM Innovations and we will help you achieve this. We provide;

  • Digital media marketing solutions on FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, and social media branding and management
  • Web and Visual Design technologies
  • Analytical data processing and management
Legacy System Re-Engineering

Staying up to date is a must if you want to prevail in today’s competitive market. Even the best of the systems need to be re-run using state-of-the-art technologies. APIUM helps you to re-engineer your legacy systems upgrading existing products to new platforms and architecture to match current technological trends, and increase business value. Our services include;

  • Methodical step-by-step re-engineering processes based on expert assessment
  • Up-scaling your legacy systems to easily hold more data
  • Maximum optimization of system functionality
  • Upgrading to modern technologies such as .Net, UNIX, J2EE
  • Upgrading system language and Enhancing User-friendly interface
  • Multimodal database changes